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Disaster emergency support windows:

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Links to websites that provide relevant information to help during disasters.

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Miyagi Prefecture: A list of disaster emergency support windows to contact during large-scale disasters

Sendai City: Disaster prevention and emergency information


Matsushima Town: Disaster prevention information,0,57,184,html

Click here for disaster and problem-consultation websites in the Sendai and Matsushima Area.

Miyagi International Association(MIA)

Sendai International Relations Association(SIRA)

Disaster Emergency Message Dial

The Disaster Emergency Message Dial is a “voice message board” which provides message recording services within the disaster-stricken areas and also to and from the disaster-stricken areas.

This service allows persons in a disaster-stricken area to record a message about their safety. The recorded message is played back from inside and outside the disaster stricken area. Persons outside the disaster-stricken area can also record and send their message to the disaster-stricken area.
* This service is not available at all times. NTT will determine when to start this service and its condition for use. Notifications will be made public through TV, radio, etc.

Disaster Voice Message Dial and Disaster Message Board provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

When a massive disaster such as an earthquake occurs, telephone calls to the stricken-area increase significantly and telephone lines become overloaded, making it difficult for calls to go through. At a certain mobile phone service provider, the number of telephone calls temporarily increased by about 50-60 times its usual volume immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake. To avoid the effects of overloaded telephone lines and provide smooth communication between family members and acquaintances to confirm their safety and convey where they are being evacuated, all the telecommunication companies provide the following “Disaster Emergency Message Dial” through conventional land line phones, mobile phones and Internet service.

Click for relevant links. For details of the Disaster Emergency Message Dial, please refer to the websites operated by NTT East and NTT West.

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